Kim Skov-Nielsen
Mob: +34 609 891 650
"Thank you for your report and your continuing counsel. We do believe you have done a good job and we have been grateful throughout for your honesty."
- "Marlinger" - Grand Banks 48' Heritage, 1973 - 15/06/16
"Thank you for your help. It was a real pleasure to meet you and your work makes me sleep better after buying the boat."
- "Inspiration" - Contest 35s, 1998 - 05/07/16
"Thank you Kim. This is a fantastic report!"
- "Sanctum" - Absolute 47', 2008 - 01/06/16
"Thank you for your report which is clear and comprehensive. All your recommendations make sense. Thank you for your assistance."
- "Stephanie & Mark" - Sea Ray 555, 2000 - 03/03/16.
"You made a great job, thanks again, the money I spent with you were definitely worth. I wish we will have occasions in future."
- "BlueRay" - Custom van Der Stadt Tasman 58', 1992 - 23/01/16.
"Thank you very much for your service reguarding Balu...! We appriciate that we have the ability to contact you, if there are things we wonder about... Thank you again - we'll keep in touch..!!"
- "Balu" - Grand Banks 48' Heritage, 1972 - 10/09/15
"Your report has done the deed! Half an hour ago I received a phone call from Allianz telling us that they accept the full claim. Thank you so much."
- "Wego" - 07/01/15.
"Have to thank you again for a Great Job and thanks for being so thorough . I really appreciate that, you're a real pro, Kim, and that's pretty hard to find these days. I really appreciate the way you took care of Spock. "
- "Spock" - Farr 58' CC sloop, 2009 - 15/09/16.
"Grazie della tua disponibilitÓ, professionalitÓ e simpatia. Voy a aprovechar seguramente de tu oferta y te voy a consultar (espero no muy frecuentemente) durante los primeros tiempos de navegaci˛n. Muchas gracias nuevamente, and... arrivederci!! "
- "Wildcat" - Morgan 44' CC cutter, 1988 - 15/05/17
"Thanks for your prompt report - that is very thorough, helpful, clear and detailed with some very sensible and practical advice. I have commissioned several surveys over the years and yours is definitely one of the most informative."
- "Two Fast" - Jeanneau 3200, 2014 - 06/09/17